Good Questions: Could I Get Bedbugs in a New Mattress?

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Hello AT,

I have read entirely too much about bedbugs, and obviously REALLY want to avoid getting them. I need to get a new mattress and boxspring, but I am concerned that:

1. Mattress companies pick up old mattresses and put them in the same trucks they use to deliver new mattresses, and

2. All mattress companies seems to have a policy that allows you to return a mattress within a given period of time, say, 30 days. I imagine they resell those mattresses as new, especially since they charge a "restocking" fee for the return...

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Both of these practices mean that there is a chance that you could end up with a mattress that has bedbugs! So my question is, how can I be guaranteed to get a brand new mattress, delivered untainted? My
only idea is to get one from Ikea and drive it home on the roof of my own car (luckily, I do have a car.)

However, that would be a huge pain, and I also haven't heard great things about Ikea mattresses. Plus, I would guess that Ikea also restocks returned mattresses.

I would really, really appreciate any ideas anyone has!

Thanks so much, Deborah

Okay, who wants to jump in on this one??

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