Good Questions: Great Futon Slipcovers?

Good Questions: Great Futon Slipcovers?

Maxwell Ryan
May 9, 2007

Hello AT,

I hate futons. However, as a poor college student with limited space, a futon really was the most practical option. I tried to get the least futon-y one I could find, which meant an armless model with no frame. Despite my best efforts, it still screams "futon!" My question is: are there any slipcovers out there that might fit this microsuede monstrosity?...

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It converts into a full-size bed, but the slipcover need not reflect this. If anyone could suggest a resource, it would be difference! Although inexpensive would be best, this would make such a huge difference I'd be willing to splurge a little bit (keep in mind a "splurge" for a college student is still not that much money. Also, this futon only cost $299, so it would be ridiculous to spend that much on an accessory for it). I promise to post pictures after I finish my cure. Thank you!


P.S.- I have gotten new pillows and painted the walls since taking this photo, so, while still undisputably ugly, it is now slightly less so.

Dear Samantha,

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Anyone else?

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