Good Questions: Can this Scary Sofa Work?

Good Questions: Can this Scary Sofa Work?

Maxwell Ryan
May 10, 2007

Hello AT,

My wife and I are moving into a new apartment and we have inherited a green leather couch (7 X 7), and not a nice deep green leather couch, but one which has been described as "scary green". Nonetheless, It's very comfortable (even has two loungers on the ends) and we really want to make it work.

Thanks! Marc

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The living room is square and has wood floors (it is approximately 16 X 11). We are desperate to make it work in the space. We are desperate, and are open to try anything. What should we do with the wall color? Should we get a specific coffee table, or none at all? Should we get rugs, throw pillows, etc? What color?

And most importantly, should we just toss it and buy another couch??

Anyone want to weigh in on this???

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