Good Questions: Can I Dye This Myself?

Good Questions: Can I Dye This Myself?

Maxwell Ryan
May 10, 2007

Hello AT, I bought this slipcovered chaise, thinking I could live with the color as well as own a largish dog who likes romping in the park every morning. Wrong. Anyway, I currently use a throw at the foot of the chaise where my dog likes to hang out with me, but I hate how messy it looks...

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I would love to be able to dye this a medium warm brown color, and would have to DIY it, since I researched dye shops and found they charge an arm and a leg! If I just use some regular ol' RIT dye in my bathtub, would it take? Or can someone help with recommendations on what to do? The fabric is 50% cotton/50% linen. I have washed the slipcover before in my tub.



Dear Jacinta,

We haven't done something as big as this, but our experience with dye makes us skeptical. That said, linen and cotton are the best fibres for dying and you might succeed if done properly.

What is properly? Anyone?

You want to do it in hot water and you probably want to use a better dye than Rit.

These people, Dharma Trading, are a great shop that sells all white blanks and also sells dyes. If anyone has good DIY dyes for fabric, it's them.

Anyone else??

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