Good Questions: Bathroom Revamp Advice?

Good Questions: Bathroom Revamp Advice?

Maxwell Ryan
May 14, 2007

Hello AT,

I'm considering making a few changes to my bathroom and could use some advice. I'd like to replace the current mirror/medicine cabinet (pic 1) with one large mirror and convert the old metal cabinet/hamper (pic 2) into storage space for the items currently stashed behind the mirror...

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It would be terrific if you and your innovative readers could weigh in on the following:

-- How wide the new mirror should be -- should it run most of the length of the wall, which would mean it would be above the toilet and bath tub as well as the sink?

-- What kind of mirror and mirror edge -- I'm leaning toward a simple, thin metal frame rather than a beveled edge.

-- How to strip the metal cabinet and add shelves inside.



Dear Shelley,

We like your idea, but wouldn't go too large with your mirror. Go as wide as the vanity, but not any further or else it will become disproportionate and create an uncomfortable feeling.

As for the edges, we'd go with a simple beveled edge and no metal rim so that the mirror floats on the wall.

As for the hamper, we've stripped and shelved these before, and would advise against stripping raw. It's really just a style decision really, but your bathroom really seems nice with white trim.

As for the shelves, you can get white plexiglass shelves and small blocks cut to size at Canal Plastic, which you can mount inside (with glue). This works nicely and the shelves can come out for cleaning.

Now, let's talk about painting your walls......;-)

Anyone else??

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