Good Questions: Photo Murals

Good Questions: Photo Murals

Janel Laban
Feb 9, 2007

Tiffany sent in a good question for bedroom month:
"Has anyone ever used or seen the wall murals(shown, left) from Urban Outfitters ?
I love the "Morning Forest", although they have a lot of different scenes... Paris, Manhattan, Sunset. I want to put it on the wall behind our bed (I was going to do "Woods" wallapaper but it's quite expensive for just one wall) so I think this may look nice also.
It's hard to tell by a photo online though, if anyone has seen it what do you think? Thanks!

Tiffany, we haven't seen the Urban Outfitters photo murals in person, so we are hoping some readers can step up with an eyewitness review.

What we can offer is a peek at a bedroom where a photo mural was done really nicely. The photo below is from a NYC apartment entry in the 2006 Smallest Coolest Contest. Jane and Darko used their own hi-res photo of a forest and had it blown up by to create a one-of-a-kind wallpaper.

They used the photo mural paper to cover the fronts of basic IKEA wardrobes. The room looks amazing and the boring (but necessary) storage is effecively glammed up.

You might also like to take a peek at this post from AT:NY - lots of photo mural ideas and resources in the comments....

Anyone have any info on the Urban Outfitters murals or alternative sources for photo murals for Tiffany? Let us know in the comments...

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