Good Questions w. New Pix: How Do I Get This Room to Flow?

Good Questions w. New Pix: How Do I Get This Room to Flow?

Maxwell Ryan
May 31, 2007

Hello AT,

I've cluttered up a large LR/DR space 22'x18' with 10 foot ceilings.
So many negatives: TV almost behind the couch, no "breathing space",
walking to balcony door blocked, computer chair on top of other

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I was wondering whether it would be ok to have a really low sofa
(e.g. Togo) where the white chairs are now and switch the chairs to
where the couch is now. I don't have anywhere else to put the
drafting table and it's a great antique piece. I also really love the
chairs (B&B Dandy) that I got at a sample sale. I don't want to
design life around a TV but it's hard to have the TV anywhere else.

$25 Amazon gift certificate to the best idea :-)

Thanks, Adam

Dear Adam,

It's hard to say for sure given your pics as we would really like to see the other side of this room, but here are our observations:

1. Your furniture is very nice and suits the room well
2. You are overusing the window side of the room
3. We wouldn't necessarily replace the sofa
4. The rug is centered in the room but not on the "living room" area

In light of this we would:

1. Switch sofa with chairs
2. Center rug on coffee table and seating arrangement
3. leave the TV where it is as it seems best against that wall

If you do this and can send us more pics, we'd be happy to take another pass.

Anyone else??

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