Good Questions: What's the Right Coffee Table for this Room?

Good Questions: What's the Right Coffee Table for this Room?

Maxwell Ryan
May 29, 2007

Hello AT, I can't seem to find the right coffee table for this living room space. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The style we're going for is contemporary modern. Mid-centrury modern style for a coffee table would work as well...

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I was thinking a smaller rectangular table, possibly lucite with rounded corners (since we have a small child and anything with sharp corners ends up to be a disaster :)

Any suggestions on color, shape, style would be greatly appreciated. (The drapes for this room will be pinch pleat sheers in linen color /fabric is polyester)

Thank you, Kira

P.S. I am considering the attached lucite table

Dear Kira,

Your lucite choice would work nicely with the style you have going here, but your colors are very, very much all tending to the midstream beige. This means that you are not getting any pop or visual color-flow in the room. If you look a the lucite table pic from CB2, you'll notice that there is a real range of darks and lights here, as well as a soft range of colors from green to grey to blue.

If you are just adding a coffee table, we would look for one that has a black finish in either wood or metal. This will give you some contrast. A simple black metal base Parsons table design with a glass or stone top would work (see Room & Board). However, this might not seem to child friendly.

Anyone else??

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