Good Questions: Great Round Table For Two Students?

Good Questions: Great Round Table For Two Students?

Maxwell Ryan
May 30, 2007

Hello AT,

i need help choosing a dining room table. i have two clear plia folding chairs (and plan to get two more) like the ones in the photo and the chandelier pictured. i need to do something on the cheap, as the hubby and i are both full time students, but i'm willing to go as high as $400 for the right table, as that's about what i think i'll get for the dining set i'll be replacing...

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i like the idea of something round, and would prefer something that would help me maximize my small space. however, we do homework at the table too so it can't be too small...maybe at least 40"? i've considered a saarinen knock-off from ikea or cb2 but i'm not sure if that's the right route to go. any ideas?

Thanks, Melissa

Dear Melissa,

We find good round tables few and far between, however there is one that we really like, which you can customize to match your chairs (Room and Board): the Axis Table. It consists of a high polished pedestal base and then multiple tops and sizes.

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Anyone else?

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