Good Questions: How Should I Finish my Closet Doors?

Good Questions: How Should I Finish my Closet Doors?

Maxwell Ryan
May 31, 2007

Hello AT,

So I've just moved into a new apartment, and while I'm generally pleased with it, these closet doors are driving me nuts. They're basically just unfinished plywood, and although you can't tell from the pictures, they're fairly large (my closet measures 72'' wide, and 94'' high), so it's a bit of an eyesore!...

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The way that I look at it, I have four options:

1) Stain them a darker, richer color
2) Paint them to match/complement the wall
3) Wallpaper them (for an effect similar to Jane and Darko's wardrobe from SCC 2006)
4) Replace them altogether

I like the thought of wallpapering them, but I'm afraid that because they're sliding doors, the wallpaper will get ruined by the constant opening/closing. I'd love to hear what the AT community thinks, and if anyone has any (other) suggestions!

Thanks, Rina

Dear Rina,

This is a good small project that we would recommend having fun with and taking a risk on. You can always change it later.

With this in mind, go for the wallpaper!

If Jane and Darko can do it, you can too. Just be sure to secure all your edges and to be somewhat careful when opening and closing the doors.

As for painting and staining: painting will make them "disappear" but won't add to the room, and staining is not so easy since you'll have to sand them down significantly for the stain to take.

Another thought we'll throw in is to remove them altogether and replace them with one wide panel of curtain, which could be in a fabric like the wallpaper you might choose. This is affordable and much easier to use AND somewhat unique.

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Anyone else?

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