Good Questions: How to Update My Vintage Pieces?

Good Questions: How to Update My Vintage Pieces?

Heather Blaha
Feb 15, 2007

Dear AT,

My condo has a lot of vintage details with big, dark wood trimmed windows that tend to look a bit "heavy". It doesn't help that I also have a lot wood furniture pieces.

I have become tired of the all vintage look and am looking to "modernize" the overall feel of my living room. The main focal point of the room is this antique, wood table. Do you have any suggestions on how I can update this table to make it fit in a more modern room?

Thank you!

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Dear Kelly,

The guys at The White Attic in Andersonville might be a good resource for you - either to ask about custom paint jobs (they specialize in lightening up and modernizng antique pieces) or just as a place from which you might gain some DIY inspiration. Chair Couture follows a similar philosophy of updating old furniture with new color (and in their case, upholstery).

Any other suggestions??

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