Good Questions: Can I convert my plug in clock to battery?

Good Questions: Can I convert my plug in clock to battery?

May 3, 2007

Wendy has a question about clocks:

Hello AT! I have a an old starburst clock from the 50s and its currently the plug in kind. I was wondering if it was possible to have it converted over to a battery-operated version. Seeing the cord kinda kills the vision for me...please help!

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Hi Wendy, in theory, yes, you can convert your plug in to battery powered. You would have to be very careful and take apart the housing that. You'd probably want to remove the original hands of the clock, and put in a battery powered clock kit mechanism. You can find those at most craft stores. Affix the battery powered casing to the back of the clock, using some sort of adhesive. Switch out the hands that come with the battery powered one with the ones from the original clock. Of course, without actually seeing the back of the clock and how it is all connected, it may or may not be as simple as that. But again, in theory, it is possible... Has anyone ever done this to a vintage clock? Does anyone have any experiences, advice, or cautions they can share or know of a professional that could help Wendy? Please share in the comments!

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