Good Questions: Will Everyone Fit at Our Wedding? (or are we screwed?)

Good Questions: Will Everyone Fit at Our Wedding? (or are we screwed?)

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 5, 2007

Hello AT,

Help! My girlfriend and I are getting married in August at the Westside Loft. They recommend 220 people as the absolute maximum for a sit down dinner with a dance floor. We invited too many people. Way too many people, and it looks almost certain that we're going to have between 255 and 260 people at the wedding. Ooops....

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We've really got our hearts set on a sit down dinner with a dance floor and I'm hoping that the genius readers of apartmenttherapy can give me some ideas about how to maximize this space so that we could accomodate 260 for a sit down dinner.

Should we use round tables? What is the optimal size? 60", 72" or some other size? Is there some combination of round, square, and rectangle tables that would be best? Are there any tricks to squeezing more people into this space than the recommended 220?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'd invite you to the wedding but we're already screwed.



We have found that wedding planners always want space to be open and airy - which makes it easier for them - while guests like it close and cozy - like any great NY restaurant.

That said, 260 people is A LOT of people, but we don't think you're screwed. It's just going to be warm and tight (and perhaps noisy ;-)).

For space maximization (and style) we'd go for long tables running the length of the rooms that are not WIDE banquet tables. Go for slim tables.

For the dancefloor, have this be your second consideration and let it be smaller than you want to make room for dining. When the dancing really starts after supper you can always push tables back to expand the space.

And last but not least, remember that LOVE conquers all. We've hosted a number of wedding in the past few years and we've always been amazed at how smoothly they run. When two people are getting together for such great reasons, problems get solved and everyone rises to the occasion.


....anyone else?

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