Good Questions: How Can We Fix this Mirror Situation?

Good Questions: How Can We Fix this Mirror Situation?

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 11, 2007

Hello AT,

We recently moved into a fabulous Jackson Heights apartment. We are very pleased with the space, but there is just one problem. The large bay window in the living room is framed by mirrors...

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The windows themselves are quite narrow, and they alternate with mirrored panels, making it hard to distinguish between external views and internal reflections of the room. Plus, it's slightly unnerving to come across one's own image from so many angles.

We love the window seat (and, clearly, so do the cats), but we're less than thrilled with the mirror situation.

This is a rental, so we can't remove them. (One of the little top panels actually fell off by itself--looks like they're glued to the wall.) What can we do to improve this situation without damaging the mirrors?

Thanks! J+Z

Dear J+Z,

We understand your pain. Just looking at your pics makes us dizzy. Although mirrors can be great around windows when used at a 90 degree angle

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the folks you rent from went a bit too far. What to do?

The best thing to do is cover them up, which would be easy to do with paper or even paint over paper.

You could also do fabric.

Our first choice - so that it looks good - would be to choose a fabric you really like and mount it on thin board (luon, foamcore or masonite) with all the edges surrounded and then velcro those to each mirror panel.

Anyone else??

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