Good Questions: Can I Save My View?

Good Questions: Can I Save My View?

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 14, 2007

Dear AT (& fellow ATers),

I need some advice! This is currently the view from my living room window — one of the main reasons I chose, have lived in, sunk money into, and have loved my apartment for the last 6 years...why I paid a higher price, sacrificed easy access to the subway, etc...

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...and now it seems Community Board #1 here in Astoria want to allow the building that is directly below me to rezone to build upwards for
manufacturing use (the rest of my block is R4 residential.)

Can you really not fight city hall or does anyone have any experience with getting something like this turned around. Not only will it block out my whole street's view, but a big factory eyesore on a nice tree-lined street??? And more noise pollution to boot???

Help us save our peaceful view!



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