Good Questions: Who Can Tame This Monster Armoire?

Good Questions: Who Can Tame This Monster Armoire?

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 19, 2007

Hello AT,

My boyfriend and I just bought an apartment that we are madly in love with.

The issue is that the apartment came with this monster piece of furniture that unfortunately is as useful as it is hideous. We don't have the heart to get rid of it (yet, although I'm working on the boyfriend), but it is dominating our bedroom with its bland Ikea-ness (seriously dominating. It is at least 10 feet tall).

Does anyone have any ideas for how to make it less horrible?...

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I'm open to anything from wallpaper to fabric to paint. I was toying with the idea of color washing it with this paint in "terra cotta," but I wanted to get as many ideas as possible before tackling it.

To give you a little bit of an idea of our style, most of our furniture and decorations come from my Middle Eastern great grandparents (Oriental rugs, mosaic tables, dark wood bureaus, etc) and we are repainting the bedroom in Mediterranean colors (adobe clay painted walls with majorelle blue trim and doors).

Thanks in advance,


Dear Scout,

There are many things you can do and the blandness of the piece will make it easier. Simple flat planes are easier to paint,cover or hide.

However, our first choice would be to simply get rid of it (sell it on our classifieds). Then you could build into the entire nook, make it flush with the wall and get an even better closet in that part of the room that would fit in and not stand out.

However, to address your question. We'd go for paint. Remove all the drawers and doors, take off the pulls, give it a light sanding, prime it and then paint it (small roller) with an enamel based paint. We'd leave the insides unpainted unless your feeling particularly ambitious. As for the sides, they can be treated the same way once the doors and drawers are all off.

Anyone else??

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