Good Questions: Modern Fish Tanks?

Good Questions: Modern Fish Tanks?

Heather Blaha
Feb 21, 2007

Dear AT,

Fish are such a tranquil addition to a small space - offering color, calming water, and a bit of entertainment as well. But, where can we find a fish tank/stand that fits a more modern design setting?


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Dear Lisa,

For starters, it seems that most of the modern fish stands and bowls we've seen are quite small, for one or a couple of fish. If you are looking for a larger tank, we are guessing the search could be a bit trickier.

What we did find on our first stop for modern pets was this hanging fish pod (left) over at Postmodern Pets (argh, currently out of stock) and this series of modern fish pods from Plushpod (lucite, $35 each, pictured above).

Any readers with fish know the pod/tank/stand market a little better?

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