Good Questions: How to fix broken mirrored table?

Good Questions: How to fix broken mirrored table?

May 23, 2007

Mary writes: "I love this mirror table but it's gotten a lit beat up lately from the vacuum. It's a one of a kind item that was bought used so we can't replace it. Do you know of anyone in the SFV/ LA area that can repair this unique coffee table? P.S. Do not get a table like this if you ever plan on having children - it's a nightmare whenever friends bring over their toddlers!"

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Hi Mary! Luckily it looks like the affected area is on a single straight panel. Unfortunately we don't know of a place off hand, but suggest looking up any glass/mirror shop, and bringing in these photos. If you get the exact dimensions of the panel, you might even be able to change it out yourself. (Just make sure you tape up the entire piece of broken mirror, before you attempt to remove it, so that it will stick to the tape and prevent the pieces from going all over the place.) You might even consider trying a plastics shop and try replacing it with a piece of mirrored plexi. Does anyone have any great glass/mirror sources locally for Mary? Has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution for replacing damaged mirrored furniture? Please share in the comments!

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