Good Questions: Can This Mirror Be Bold and Boyfriend Friendly?

Good Questions: Can This Mirror Be Bold and Boyfriend Friendly?

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 20, 2007

Hello AT,

Since my boyfriend and I first decided to move in together, your site has become my number one go-to for decorating. We're now 3 weeks into our great 10th floor DC apartment (that's high for DC!) and finally at place where we can start seriously looking at wall decor. We're past everything college-y and want to start to find more refined and interesting items that reflect both of our tastes...

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We both work at non-profits, so money isn't free-flowing for the larger type of wall-decor we'd prefer for over our couch (see pics attached) - which makes the following option so attractive. My mom recently found my grandmother's antique mirror in our basement (also attached). The mirror is from the early 1900's, is solid wood, and is very heavy. It's about 27 in x 30 in, so it's not too wide. My grandmother spray painted it that, in my opinion too gold, gold color in the 90's. I'd definitely want to change that color if I were to use it. I've always enjoyed the juxtaposition of newer styles with older, so I'd love to be able to use it now and not wait til I have a formal dining room.

My question is this: is the style of this mirror too ornate for what we currently have in our living room? I'd like to repaint or 'antique' it (however one does that) if we were to use it. If it's not too ornate, as my boyfriend thinks, what color do you recommend changing it to? And do we center it over the couch or in the center of the wall? Our couch is an 88 inch light tan color and the wall behind it is a light silver-blue. My boyfriend is a huge fan, as I'm sure you can tell, of neutrals, so I'm slowly trying to introduce more bold pieces into our apartment. I don't want to scare him too much with the mirror though!

Thank you so much for considering this!

Best, Erin

Dear Erin,

The answer is definitely YES. Older ornate styles like this are already back in fashion and you can work with this great mirror to fit it into your more contemporary room. Plus, your living room could USE some Life Injection of color and style to offset the Beige IV Drip that you have sorta goin' on there.

Our top three choices would be the following:

- paint it off white for a subtle approach that stands out from the wall (high gloss enamel)
- gold or silver leaf it yourself for a more antiquey look that will really give a Luxe feeling to the room
- go with a bold color - only if - you are ready to commit to some more bold color in the room (pillows, lamps, etc)(high gloss enamel)

In the last category, we would play with sage green, coral or even a Chinese red.

Anyone else???

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