Good Questions: A Matching White LCD HDTV

Good Questions: A Matching White LCD HDTV

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 19, 2008

Dear AT,

I just found a great deal off this Texile Side Unit by Jethro Macey, but I don't even have a TV! Do they even make white LCD ones? A white one would look quite nice!


Dear Jenny,

It looks like you're in the market for a decorative TV and you've contacted the right place! Our first recommendation comes from Samsung. Their 23" LCD HDTV is has been repeatedly recommended by designers to complement other shiny white furniture. LG also has a white 19" model, but if you're looking for a main TV, we suggest sticking with the Samsung.

You may also want to consider going big. And not so white. Take a look at Sony's 46" XBR LCD television, it may just be down your alley.

Thanks for the question and good luck on your search!


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