Good Questions: Advice for Chair Redo?

Melissia is thinking about a re-do: I just snagged this Shaw-Walker office chair for $50 on Craigslist.

It's actually in really good shape, but the upholstery needs to be cleaned and re-padded, as the foam feels crispy and thin.

Is it worth it to do this, and if so, would it diminish it's value, or add to it? I know nothing about restoring an old chair like this, so any insight/info that you or AT readers can offer is appreciated!

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Well, when we got this question we immediately thought of one of the January Jumpstart projects from earlier this year (shown above) - in it, Brandy redid a similar vintage office chair and it looks fabulous. Check out the post and all the details right here.

Readers, what advice can you share on a redo of this type and how it might effect the value of the chair? Let us know...

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