Good Questions: All White Bachelor Pad?

Good Questions: All White Bachelor Pad?

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 20, 2005

Hello AT,

My case is a bit special, I know exactly what I want, but need assistance on how to go about it:

An All White Minimalist Functional Sophisticated Bachelor Pad.

I have been looking for books and magazines with the all white theme but have not found much usefull information. I have a 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, 1000 sqf....

In fact, do you have any idea where I can find inspiration for my project: magazine, books etc...

Best, Charles

The Therapist says people who live in white boxes shouldn't throw parties, but The Therapist wants to visit YOUR apartment when you are done.

He also wants to move in to Kelly Behun's all white sky palace for a week and stretch out on her B&B Italia sofa and gawk at her supercool Peter Gee painting. This is inspiration.

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