Good Questions: Any Real Difference Between These?

Good Questions: Any Real Difference Between These?

Janel Laban
Dec 5, 2008

Sara sent us a (very funny) good question: This is probably the very definition of a First World Problem, but I'm trying to decide which chair to buy for 2-year-old Isaac to have as a flopping spot...

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I've narrowed it down to these two options (shown above, PBK Anywhere Chair and Land of Nod Nod Chair), but I'm wondering if there's anything fabulous out there that I'm missing. I want to spend around $100 on this.

Is there any real difference between the two?

I briefly considered trying to build/sew my own, but then I reconnected with reality.

If you are familiar with the chairs Sara is considering, please let her know your thoughts in the comments below. Suggestions for alternatives are also welcome...

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