Good Questions: Attractive Anti-Slip Porch Stairs?

Good Questions: Attractive Anti-Slip Porch Stairs?

Aaron Able
Jun 23, 2009

Last November we did a renovation of our porch. We picked a T&G Mahogany Flooring that looks beautiful and blends great with the beige and brown colors of our house. However, when it rains or snows the floor gets very slippery and becomes a dangerous surface to walk on. I cover the walking area of the porch with rugs but the stairs are still an issue. I know I could use 3M Anti Slip Tape but I refuse to cover my floor and to break the color harmony with any gray or black tones. Any other solutions? Thanks, Lilly

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There are lots of removable rubber treads that are decorative but the Anti-Slip Tape seems the best solution. Perhaps cutting the tape into a pattern that coordinates with your style would make it more attractive? Have you considered cutting the tape into circles? Thinner stripes? A careful custom cut will make the anti-slip function part of the style instead of hindering it.

Anyone else?

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