Good Questions: Big Sheets for Big Mattress?

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Hello AT,

I recently bought a very comfortable, very plush Kingsdown mattress but I am having difficulty finding bedding that fits it properly.

Fitted bedsheets that fit mattresses up to 20 inches barely cover the mattress, so I believe I would need bedding that fits up to 22 inches. Bed Bath & Beyond only has one set of sheets that deep, and they seem expensive for their low thread count.

I was wondering if you could recommend any stores or websites that sell simple, good quality, reasonably priced bedding that fits such an extra thick mattress. Thanks for your help. John

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We went to The Company Store to see what they had and they have oversized sheets that fit up to 20" mattresses. This is their biggest. So we googled "22" fitted sheets" and got this:

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