Good Questions: Cable Management?

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Hello AT,

The back of my desk faces my living room and is a nest of wires and cord running from the computer to the cable box to the tv, etc. Any good suggestion on cord control? I've tried those "cord-turtles" but they don't do it.

Thanks. Stacey

We have the same problem. The problem for us is that the more you enclose the cords, the less accessible they are, so we have opted for the "see it, but make it neat" route. We use Cleverline Cable Mangers which bind cables tightly, but are easy to take off. We also found Velcro Wraps and these Cable Wraps which do a similar job.

Then there is the Spiral Wraps and these cable tunnels to wrap the whole thing. Nothing is perfect, but if you do a neat job, it won't be unsightly. MGR

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