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Blueroses/Rachel sent us an email: I love love love apartment therapy, and I am in desperate need of it! I currently live in a 600 sq ft apartment in Denver, but unlike all the pretty apartments on AT, mine doesn't have quirky storage nooks, pretty hardwood floors, or majestic windows....

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Instead, I'm in a nice but bland new build complex. I love the location, because I am 8 minutes from work, walking distance to local shops, and 8 minutes from downtown. However, my apartment is small small small, carpeted, and beige.

It's complicated by the fact that my boyfriend is moving in with me shortly.

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Please help me find a way to make it work in the small 600 sq feet! I don't want to commit to a larger apartment, but I wonder if brilliant small spaces require 1) beautiful space and 2) really brilliant layouts (neither of which I have).

I do have photos of what I've done so far, but another major concern is the twist between finding the right furniture to hide/store/utilize space, and not wanting to always be spending money......Can you help?



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