Good Questions: Cleaning Stained Bathroom Tiles

Los Angeles

Does anyone know how to get unglazed hex tiles (French bistro style) clean? We recently put them in our bathrooms and they already look scratched up. Here is a photo from the small bathroom where it seems the tiles are scratched. And another from the big bathroom where it doesn't look as bad because of the contrasting black tiles. We put the tiles down knowing that the look is patina-ed (is that a word?) but I'm wondering what will get them as clean as possible. Thank you, Andrea 

Hi Andrea, some people recommend first trying Magic Sponge or a very high grade grit of sandpaper (start with 600 then move to 400 grade); this will remove any stubborn surface stains and will reveal if the discolouration has seeped down beneath the surface. Bar Keeper's Friend is also often mentioned as an effective tile cleaner for stain removal. But our first inclination is to use some baking soda and vinegar and gently wipe/buff with a soft cloth after letting sit for a few minutes.