Good Questions: Cheap DIY Soundproofing Solution?

Good Questions: Cheap DIY Soundproofing Solution?

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 17, 2009

Reader Beau asks:

I'm moving into a studio loft next weekend n a building that is notorious for its thin walls. I don't have much by way of furniture but will eventually be furnishing the apartment, yet I don't want to do so until I've got a solution to the sound issues.

Since I'm renting, what are some relatively inexpensive, non-permanent but aesthetically pleasing solutions to soundproofing that I can DIY install?


Whether it's keeping the noise in or out of your home, soundproofing is important when it comes keeping the neighbors happy. Especially if you're a proud parent of a child that enjoys playing the drums or an owner of a 1000 watt, window-rattling subwoofer.

We liked the "green" DIY soundproofing method suggested by a while back, using nothing but a pack of Green Glue and a piece of custom-cut sheet rock:

"Home theater aficionados and soundproofing geeks are all atwitter over the latest in soundproofing technology: a gooey compound called Green Glue that converts sound energy into heat.

Green Glue compares favorably with conventional methods of soundproofing walls and ceilings, like factory-damped drywall. But it's much cheaper: A case of 12 tubes costs only $175, and is enough to cover a decent sized wall."

Other suggestions for ceilings include lining it with Green Glue, a few wood panels, and then nailing a piece of sheet rock (but also making sure the ceiling can support the weight). We wouldn't want anyone to get crushed by their own sheet rock now.

As for soundproof flooring, you can look into high-density vinyl flooring to keep the noise echoing and penetration to a minimum.

Anyone out there have any other ideas? Please let us know in the comments!

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