Good Questions: Entertainment Center Alternatives?

Good Questions: Entertainment Center Alternatives?

May 2, 2008

I need A.T. help! I was shopping at Walmart the other day (yes, gasp horrors), and finally found the entertainment center I've been looking for. Not too big, lots of storage, doesn't look like a box. The price was right (130$), the color was right (dark wood, brownish black), but then I looked a little closer. The "finish", and I use the word loosely here, is essentially paper glued to whatever composite sawdust construct the thing is built out of. I have no problem with mdf, etc, but I do have a problem with furniture with a tearable finish. I have been unable to find anything of a similar design, affordable or not. Can anyone help?


Thanks for the question Cecily. I'm not sure how you feel about Ikea finishes or if you are into DIY solutions, but with a little adjustment and additional components, this Lack entertainment unit could be made to look similar to what you have in the picture.

Any other suggestions for Cecily?

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