Good Questions: Fitting A Dining Room Into a Small Space?

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Hello AT,

I have a problem with my kitchen in my new apartment. Adjacent to the kitchen is an extremely small in-kitchen dining area- only 61" wide and 93" long. I want to create a dining table setting that can fit up to four, but will usually only be used for two. Can you come up with a solution? Most tables I can find are either too small to fit four people, or too big to fit in the space. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Matt

This sounds like a situation where you might have to build or fashion something in to get the most out of your space.

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Without knowing exactly what your space looks like, we did a little drawing above of a built in banquette-type of solution which has worked for us in the past. Instead of trying to fit bulky moveable furniture in a small space, building in like this will make it seem roomy. We would do it all with nice plywood. (Thanks, Matt!) MGR

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