Good Questions: Folding Beds?

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Hello AT,
I saw that you just posted a murphy-type bed, and I've been considering one, as I forsee a much smaller apartment in my near future. Could you do a rundown on how people with small places might do beds?

I'm very intrigued by the Inova WallBed that I saw at Its freestanding and doesn't need to be installed, so it looks like it could work for Renters (like me). Do you have any experience with it? Could it possibly be comfy?

Thanks for your help! Victor

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While it is not our style to use a folding bed and we would rather turn a bed into a living area when necessary (by building the bed platform right out to the walls - see below), rather than put a large object up the wall, some apartments have high ceilings and are good for this, and some people just like the floor space.

We have a client who installed a Murphy Bed last week and it works great for her. She bought only the mechanism for $700 (installed) and they simply screwed it into the floor of her room.

She is mounting curtains along the wall to hide it during the day. At this price, we think it's a great deal and the installation was easy.

We don't have experience with the Inova, but it looks really nice to us. In general we figure these types of beds are as comfortable as regular beds (they use regular mattresses) and feel the same. Anyone else have more experience? (Thanks, Victor!) MGR

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