Good Questions: Furniture Solutions for Cable Box?

Good Questions: Furniture Solutions for Cable Box?

Janel Laban
Aug 1, 2008

LKCHI is looking for some solutions suggestions: I recently moved and cannot decide what to do with my cable box! As you can see, my living room is somewhat long and narrow (approx 12' wide) which automatically rules out most of the bulky media center options. I am led to believe that a slim shelf/modular storage unit might be nice but I am completely open to all ideas!...

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...However, if a shelf/modular unit is the answer, should the piece span from window to window (9') or should it match the size of the television (~3')? And, if applicable, at what height should a piece be installed?

PS: It goes without saying that the TV cords will be hidden in the wall! Please no comments - I know its awful!

Please share your suggestions with LKCHI in the comments below - thanks!

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