Good Questions: Good Vacation Spot?

Good Questions: Good Vacation Spot?

Julia Cho
Aug 21, 2008

We got this question from Daisy: "This being escapes month, I thought I'd see if we could get some ideas. We're looking for a good vacation spot for 2 couples and 2 two-year old kids traveling together... here's the "

-fantastic food/ restaurants
-relatively inexpensive (I think this knocks out most of Europe, unless someone knows a place with some good Euro deals)
-interesting culture
-sunshine (a beach would be great, but not necessary)
-one non-stop flight no more than 7 hours from NYC (or 2 flights max if the place is really great)
-no resort compounds that isolate you from local culture

We love SE Asia & Australia, but don't want to fly as far with the kiddies until they're a little older. We think Marrakech would be perfect, but we went there very recently. Any tips?

Well, there are so many beautiful things to see in the U.S., we'd probably start there. Check into National Parks across the country if you like nature. The Southwest has some beautiful scenery and an interesting culture.

Another idea- if you want a taste of France but much closer- take a plane, or even Amtrak up to Montreal and Quebec. There's a lot going on there in the summer, and it almost feels like Europe without the distance.

Readers- any ideas?

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