Good Questions: Help Save This Rental Bathroom?

Good Questions: Help Save This Rental Bathroom?

Aaron Able
Mar 4, 2009

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We've recently rented an adorable apartment in an older 2 family home, and it's got more character than I could ever imagine. The only problem (besides not being able to paint walls, but that's the least of my worries!) is that the bathroom is absolutely atrocious. My biggest qualm is that half of the bathroom is covered in disgusting textured wallpaper that is peeling at the seams and completely discolored and dirty looking. I can see purple tiles beneath the wallpaper, and honestly as the lesser of two evils I'd rather rip down the paper and expose the tiles. So two questions actually.... how can I remove the wallpaper from the tiled wall, and do you have any suggestions on how to spruce up ugly colored tiles that I unfortunately can't remove or replace? I'm almost embarrassed to include pictures, but I feel like describing it won't do the gack-factor it's justice! -Corrie

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eeek! We don't know where to start (but thanks for sharing pictures — we are not so concerned with our own rental bathroom now!).


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