Good Questions: How Can I Preserve/Protect The Wallpaper?

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Hello AT,

I recently bought this unusual antique 2 piece dresser set.

I am trying to decide how to restore the vintage wallpaper covering- there are a few areas where the paper is torn.

Should I use archival quality paper glue?

I am also trying to decide the best preservation and protection method for the paper.

We plan to use these pieces everyday and I'm considering whether to coat the paper with some kind of clear coat...

(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first.)
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Currently the finish is bare paper, it has an unusual matte finish, which gives the red color a milky / rosy pink look.

It's very appealing and it visually reads as "vintage wallpaper".

Perhaps there is some kind of sealant out there that could match this finish?

I'd like to avoid a glossy lacquered look.

Thanks! Kate

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