Good Questions: How Do I Wood Deck My Roof?

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Dear AT,
We have a private roof top deck and saw that some of the other people in the building have nice wood planks laid over the roofing material (there is just an ugly outdoor carpet there now). It looks like they were wood pallets cut to the size of the deck - have you ever heard of something like that - wood planks that could just be laid on top of a roof deck that makes it look like a wood deck? Do you know a resource to get that from?

Thank you,

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You can definitely deck over your roof in a number of ways, just be careful not to stress out the skin of your roof in the process. Of course, you can build a deck with decking cedar, but you can also lay down "tiles" like those sold at Ikea, Conrans, and this store: These ones pictured cost $35 each, and Ikea's are much cheaper, though I think they are out of season right now. Anyone Else? MGR

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