Good Questions: How Do You Quiet Your Neighbor???

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Dear AT,
I have this dilemma. Starting anywhere from 5:30-6:30am the person living above me, is up and making a lot of noise. I honestly can't fall back to sleep, I'm up the entire time. And due to my job, I dont have to be at work till 10, so I'm up later than he is.

It sounds like he's going up and down steps, walking around, and sometimes its sounds like he may be working out. Over the weekend it sounded like he was jumping rope.
How do I approach him, w/ out coming off as a enemy?


We advocate putting all of the bad thoughts out of your mind and approaching him directly. Employing a smile, explain to him the problem - which he may be totally unaware of. Most apartment buildings require carpets, so we would also start there, and certain times of morning (before 9am) and night (after 7pm) ARE quiet times. Be friendly and trust in him to solve the problem, until you have real reason to be upset. Then "go to the mattresses...." Anyone else?? (Thanks, Michele!) MGR

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