Good Questions: How to Kill Soap Bubbles?

Good Questions: How to Kill Soap Bubbles?

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This question is from Rebecca:

I have a random questions and I'm hoping you can save the day. The kitchen floor of my rental apt is tile with very wide rough grout. Because the grout is somewhat porous, it seems, spills seem to soak in fast and leave stubborn stains. After trying a few home-made recipes for floor cleaner (and none with great success) I caved in and bought a green household cleaner to try.

While the cleaner, Green Works Natural Dilutable Cleaner (the only one available in my local store!), does the job, it suds up like crazy with my regular mop and scrub brush and is somewhat problematic to use with all the soap foam!

Since i really only use this cleaner on the tile floor, I'm looking for a way to calm the soap bubbles to make it a little easier to manage so it doesn't go to waste. Any ideas?!

We've never used Green Works' Natural Dilutable Cleaner. Has anyone else had this problem? And, do any chemistry nerds have any thoughts on how you could get the soapy bubbles to subside?

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