Good Questions: Humidifier Recommendations?

Good Questions: Humidifier Recommendations?

Gregory Han
Feb 3, 2009

I just found out that I suffer from persistent dry-eye. The doc suggested I buy a humidifier for both home and office and I was worndering if the wonderful AT community could help recommend an affordable one. I'd also like to know if there are any other effective alternatives to a humidifier. Thanks! Mallika

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Hi Mallika, we too were suffering poorly from dry eye and irritated eyes, thanks to the devilish winds known as the Santa Anas. We recently tested a passive humidifier on Unplggd that may help your symptoms like it did for us. The only real complaints we have with the Essick Air 5D6-700 Mini-Console Humidifier is sizable (but that's good also, because we don't have to refill as often) and that it's no beauty contest winner. But hidden away, it's a silent benefactor for allergy sufferers. More active steam style humidifiers are also mentioned as good choices by our friends with chidlren, but we don't have any first hand experience ourselves to recommend a particular model. But we know our dream humidifier would be the Plus Minus Zero model. Perhaps an AT reader out there has a few glowing recommendations for a more affordable option?

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