Good Questions: Ideas for a Bathroom Sink?

Good Questions: Ideas for a Bathroom Sink?

Aaron Able
May 5, 2009

I have the teeny tiniest bathroom and I know it's not uncommon for New York City apt bathrooms to not have sinks, but it kinda bugs me. Does anyone have any suggestions on a bathroom sink solution? The Japanese top of the toilet thing won't work because I have the cabinet thing, and I think that's kind of weird anyway. Maybe something really skinny that could go on the ledge of my shower, like a water fountain thing but with a faucet knob??? Or some sort of thin basin that could drain into the shower? I'm open to any suggestions, please help!

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The tiniest sink I have ever used is in the bathroom of Against the Grain on 6th Street — right in your neighborhood! I would suggest you scope it out!

Anyone else?

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