Good Questions: Ideas for a Narrow Balcony?

Good Questions: Ideas for a Narrow Balcony?

Aaron Able
Mar 25, 2009

Hello Apartment Therapy! I have a good question for you all: I have a long, narrow balcony off my apartment in Istanbul and I am wondering what I should do with it. Our view is not very nice; we are face-to-face with other people's balconies and I am wondering if there is a way to delicately screen the view. Should I use plants? The balcony doesn't get any direct sunlight, so I'm not sure what kind to put. Perhaps some kind of curtain would be good? We do have a small table and two chairs, but that leaves almost half of the balcony empty and I'd like to use the entire space. Any ideas what I can do? Thanks, TurkishMuse

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We like the idea of almost-sheer white curtains to add some privacy — or even inexpensive seagrass blinds that can be lowered around the perimeter.

Anyone else?

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