CHI Good Questions: Colors to Work with New Couch?

CHI Good Questions: Colors to Work with New Couch?

Janel Laban
Dec 14, 2007

John sent us this photo and would like the help of the AT community:

I ordered the couch in the attached pic in the custom fabric shown. I was tired of looking and looking for a couch and chose what is seen. Problem is, the colour of the fabric - perhaps too light for me. Female friends are saying it is ok and goes with the lamps, blah, blah, blah. It is gorgeous as you can see, it is velvet-like as you may not see.

Should I keep it? How do I make it work in my apartment? I'm thinking of getting two chairs - what fabric should I get them in? Dark chocolate brown (that should have been what I chose for the sofa). What colour throw or pillows? Rug?

Any ideas that don't involve changing all the other furniture would be helpful... thank you

John, we're thinking that since you have quite a bit of light/bright color going on, that a warm neutral might be the thing to tie it together. We think a deep reddish rust would compliment the colors you have in your room already. We'd start with a rug and take it from there...

That's just one idea...AT readers, take it away - the suggestion box for John is officially open!

Rug shown: Iguana by Mark Humphrey/The Rug Company

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