Good Questions: Ideas for Setting Up a Studio?

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Kiki is looking for advice from the community: I am an constant browser of your small space ideas, and I am always impressed by the solutions. I am hoping that you can tailor some of the advice for my situation. I am moving to a new studio apartment in the gold coast and I am clueless as to how to set up the space...

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Right now, I have a platform bed which I love and plan to keep. I am interested in getting additional seating (i.e sofa) as I will like to host a weekly gathering/discussion with 8 of my friends. I decided that separating the space would be a good idea, so I have purchased a ceiling fixture to hang a curtain from in order to separate the bed area. The ceiling curtain will probably form an L shape, as the bed will be in a corner.

What I need help with the most is to figure out what direction the bed should face, and what kind of additional seating to purchase and where to put it. I already bought a glass coffee table. I will have the occasional out-of-town guest but I do not want to encourage sleepovers by having a sleeper sofa. My total budget for seating is under $400. I have been told the unit is about 525 sq ft.

Hope you can help. Thanks!

Please take a look at Kiki's floorplan (shown above) and share your ideas for smart space planning and seating in the comments below...

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Good Questions

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