Good Questions: Installing Boon's Frog Pod

Good Questions: Installing Boon's Frog Pod

Janie Lee
Dec 20, 2007

Ohdeedoh Reader John wrote to ask:

My wife and I recently bought and installed the Boon Frog Pod. I know now that this impulse buy was a mistake, as it only laasted 36 hours on our wall (even though I followed the installation instructions to the letter). I was wondering if any of your readers had similar problems and maybe suggestions on how to fix it, short of installing it with screws. I hope you can help. Love the site and happy holidays.


We don't own one ourselves so we'll throw this one out to our knowledgeable readers. We did notice on the Boon site that the Frog Pod attaches using either: (1) adhesive strips; (2) suction cups; or (3) screws. We're assuming from your email you've tried both the adhesive strips and suction cups.

Any help or suggestions for John?

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