Good Questions: Should We Paint the Brick and Timber?

Good Questions: Should We Paint the Brick and Timber?

Sarah Coffey
Aug 28, 2008

Katherine sent us a good question: Apartment Therapy Chicago, I have a large corner loft with 50' of windows and very little exposed brick. The window to brick ratio is nearly 4:1. I want to make the plunge and paint the brick and timber beams white and put in a dark wenge flooring to match the window mullions to create a very tailored base [I originally wanted a white epoxy flooring with a high gloss finish...maybe a bit much], but want to hear the opinions and trials of people who have done this before...

My partner worries that the timber beams will not hold the paint because some of them have been stained with oil and other lubricants from when the building had a manufacturing function in the 1920's, I see no problem.

My arguments for painting everything white are making the unit feel larger, brighter, our artwork will have a better background, our books will pop out and the magenta sectional will become the main focus of the space.

So my question...all white? And if you have done the all white scheme with brick and timber, how is it maintaining itself after a few years? Do you feel like you are institutionalized?
Thank you.

Katherine, although we've never tried this look before, a couple of our house tour participants have taken the plunge: Arthur (his "before" pics are here) and Andreas both painted out their beams and brick with white and stained their floors dark.

AT Readers: suggestions, ideas, tips from personal experience?

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