Good Questions: Nanny Cams

Good Questions: Nanny Cams

Janie Lee
Dec 19, 2007

We received an anonymous email from a reader asking:

At the risk of starting a whole philosophical/legal/moral/ethical debate, does anyone know where i could find a nanny cam that doesn't scream "HEY! LOOK OVER HERE! THERE'S A CAMERA INSIDE THIS TEDDY BEAR!!" All the ones i've seen are ridiculously obvious. i mean, my nanny's no dummy. i think she'd get wise if i all of a sudden brought home a sony betamax! Thanks - and please AT readers, spare me the sanctimonious commentary.

Yes, we agree - the hidden camera in the teddy bear is a bit obvious. We started researching online and found a series of high quality hidden cameras by Warner Hughes Security. The clock radio model seems like an inconspicuous choice.

The clock radio system provides color video and offers a full 90 degree field of view. There are no extraneous cables coming out of the clock radio because the system is wireless. The only cord is an AC power cable. This clock radio system is a completely wireless COLOR system requiring no special skills. You just plug the clock radio into any AC outlet and attach the included wireless receiver to any VCR or television in your home.

The system sells for $499 here ($449 for the black and white version).

Anyone else have any suggestions?

(Top image via Gadget Brando)

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