Good Questions: Neat Ideas for Non Operable Fireplaces?

Good Questions: Neat Ideas for Non Operable Fireplaces?

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 6, 2008

Hello AT, We're renovating and we've got three fireplaces in our new place. Since we can't burn wood in the city anymore, we can either restore fireplaces and put in gas ($$$$) or chose not to restore. Thought you might have ideas with how to make non-operable fireplaces really neat, e.g. buy the wood holder and fill with birch logs for decoration, or put thick pillar candles in and around instead....

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Or some other ingenious tricks to make it look great but keep it simple and cheap. Also could be good for apt dwellers with inoperable fireplaces, or ones they don't know if they can use

Here's one of them. The other two have been already repaired at some point in the past, so they have the brick box in the back. Alas, I don't have a very good photo of either of those ones. I figure this one we could at least do that so there's a better "container" for some other option.

Thanks so much for this, I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I seem to recall seeing somewhere some "logs" that were lit by those gels like they use beneath chaffing dishes, maybe it was in Dwell Magazine? Anyway, I know you'll find some great solutions!

Best, Meg

Dear Meg,

Thanks for your question and congrats on the new house! We don't have this particular problem, but we have tracked it. In our mind the best thing you can do is get some real fire in the hearth, so some type of candles make a lot of sense. Following are a number of our best links:

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Anyone else??

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