Good Questions: No Closet in the Nursery?

Good Questions: No Closet in the Nursery?

Julia Cho
Mar 6, 2008

Katrin sent us an email:

I live in a house built circa 1900 and our nursery has no closet. That is OK for now, while she is a baby, but what happens when she gets older and we need a place to hang clothing? Any ideas?

Ah, the no closet conundrum.

We've got a few ideas, and I'm sure at least a few of our readers have had to deal with a similar set-up.

A few things come to mind. If there are any nooks in your room, you can hang a tension rod and a curtain in front of it.

If not, you can choose an armoire to house her hanging clothes. We are really liking this new armoire at Ikea, the Sniglar. It's only $39.99, has one shelf, and one rod, and the look works for a nursery or child's room.

Another idea: how about a shelf like the Bergen Rail Shelf available at West Elm? It doesn't take up much room and would create a nice display of hanging baby clothes.

Anyone else?

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