Good Questions: Noise Machine?

Good Questions: Noise Machine?

Julia Cho
May 19, 2008

That's white noise. Sarah writes, Our NYC bedroom (which we'll be sharing with a newborn in a few months!) is very noisy. Car alarms, honking, and even people's voices keep my husband and I up many nights. I've tried heavy curtains and ear plugs, but I was thinking about buying a white noise machine that would benefit us now and baby later.

Do you have any recommendations for a good one that will work? It would have to be fairly loud to cover the amount of sound we hear.

We haven't owned a white noise machine, but we have seen the very affordable Conair Sound Therapy Machine recommended. It actually plays a selection of sounds including rainfall and waves.

If you're looking strictly for white noise, we've also heard good things from people with snoring partners about the Marpac White Noise Machine Sleep Mate. It's a little pricier for $50 on Amazon, but it gets solid reviews.

Readers- anyone used a white noise machine?

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